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Whether you're in school or higher education, I will teach you how to learn. You tutor finder search is over. Think of Oz Skype Tutor as "my private tutor" as I take you to the next level. Learning is an inherent trait in humanity, now I'm going to take you further and give you the tools and advice to see the world in a whole new way.

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I am your online tutor, this site is a space where you can learn how to learn in order to ace your next test or exam! School gives you most of the pieces but how you put them together is both an art and a science. So I am here to give you practical skills for learning that extend beyond just next week's lesson into a new way of seeing the world.


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I offer group sessions, Q and A's and one on one tutoring. I will provide you with articles on specific subjects and general advice to help you approach the hard stuff when it gets hard. 


Fantastic Deals

Free study guides is just the beginning. Set fee access to the articles that you can afford, inexpensive group sessions for up to 10 people. Tailored solutions from monthly one on ones to weekly online tutoring. The Oz Skype Tutor is here to help you achieve your full potential.


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I love seeing you grow and achieve, you're welcome to join the skype list @OzSkypeTutor. Once you're a paid member you'll have access to the group chat sign ups.

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